T’s & C’s

By confirming any quote you confirm to abide by these terms and conditions

~ No touching the angels

~ Food may only be removed with chopsticks or 2 fingers

~ If an angel is uncomfortable she will indicate to her guardian and he will remove her and put any leftover food on normal platters or plates

~ Guest may not talk to the angels and the angels will not talk to the guests

~ Guardians will have eyes on the angels at all times

~ All angels will go through training for the job and conditioned for the job conditions

~ All angels will practice a strict grooming, and washing habits like only using odourless soaps for a event, and odourless deodorant, they will be clean shaven everywhere, will maintain clean hair, nails and teeth

~ Once food is finished off an angel it will not get replenished, rather a 2nd angel will be prepped and served

~ Only Jello shots may be removed with the moth by guests

~ With the Jello platter there will be a shot on each nipple and these 2 shots will be charged separately at a cost of R500 when consumed or removed