We are a new brand in the entertainment industry in Cape Town! Operating as a mobile turn-key party service to upmarket private individuals & corporate establishments who want to have elite celebrations, functions and parties. Our service provides hosts with the opportunity to entertain their guests in the most unique way.

By offering our clients the below services put together in a custom package for each event, we ensure that no party will ever be the same again!

What do we offer, well in a nutshell:

  • Body Platters ( this is the ancient art of Nyotaimori, where a model is used as a surface for guests to dish up edible canapés (like Sushi), we can supply the food and drink.
  • Body Painted Promo Girls (where a topless promo girl with promotional branding painted on as clothing, hand out food, drink or merchandise)
  • Exotic Dancers (where you be will entertained with your guests relaxing and enjoying the exotic dancing and teasing of Burlesque professionals)

With our packages starting from as low as R5000 you can have an exclusive & unique culinary experience like never before!