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The Fun Begins

Last weekend we all got together to do a photo shoot for our website. It was the first time we all met in person. We had a lovely venue and got started after a glass of bubbly. We had a lot to do and not much time to shoot it all, with Nelly and Mario staging and shooting it all.

The goal was to get all the images we would need to showcase our lovely angels and the platter they become, so there was a shot list, some food and props, a camera and the angels. We had lots of fun doing this shoot as there was eating, drinking, some sexy poses and even dancing! This was an amazing time to bond and get to know each other a bit better.

The fast pace of the shoot left us all taking a gulp of champagne here and there, and any sushi that got dismembered or broken was a welcome snack. We got most of our shots and as a reward for a job well done we all shared the sushi afterwards.

Thank you to our models, Bella & Vicky, and to Nelly our photographer, for all the amazing shots and fun time creating them! You ladies are indeed angels.

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