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Dance Dance Dance

We have a variety of ladies that can entertain your guests with different styles of dancing that would be a great addition to your event.  They have the skills and experience to give you a show, or just be part of the decor as moving art.  Regardless of where you need movement, be it on a stage or next to the bar, our angels will make your event unforgettable!

If your function has a center point, a moment where all your guests are in need of a performance, or a show, then our Burlesque ladies will entertain!

With a whole lot of teasing, dancing and even a little bit of comedy, they will captivate your guests.  The exotic performance will stir your fantasies just enough to be enjoyed by both ladies and gents .

If you have more of a sexy decor theme going and need some angels to dance and move all over the event, then we’ve got you covered!  Our ladies can move and dance almost everywhere we put them, we even have pole acrobats, and suspended hoop dancers that can hang from your ceiling.  The options are endless and we will give your venue a decorative touch like no other.

Our angels are reliable and we pick the right ones for your function, regardless if you are having a bash at your mansion or a bachelor’s party in the forest, the ladies will dance for you and your guests, creating an atmosphere at your party that all your guests will talk about for years!

Be the host everyone is talking about!

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